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What is needed to be a journalist

As salamu alaikum,

This is a site you can use to know about different types of microphones. We have been working since 2015 in Bangladesh. We have a facebook page named “Dhakar Bonik“.

To be a journalist at first you need to be very ager to know any updated news. You should think that you are sitting in a desk and this world is before you. Though there are many things to be a journalist, we will discuss about a tool that is really needed.

The tool is microphone.

A microphone can help a person to be a good speaker.

We may find many people those who are very introvert speaking. If s/he use a microphone daily he would be more focused. s/he will be able to express himself/herself properly.

Types of microphone:

  1. Clip microphone or Lepel microphone that is used in chest. It is used to held any talk show type programs.
    • Dynamic Microphone is used in stage program.
    • Interview mic is used by journalist or youtubers or interviewers.
    • Studio microphone is used to record any song or any podcast that is performed in house sessions.
    • Public speaking record mic/Waz/Religious speech record microphone:
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